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Applying a shadow effect to an image makes it more appealing and gives it depth and a 3D effect. We have worked with clients across verticals, and have always delivered quality results even under pressure. Some of the key shadows editing services we provide include:

Natural Shadow Effect:

This method adopts a similar theme of the photo but adds an original/natural shadow to the subject. Here, the original background is first removed and a natural shadow of the object is then carefully applied on a white background. Our team of photo editors can provide shadow effects that appear realistic and not fabricated, while taking care of lighting positions, time of day, etc.

Color Editing

In some cases it is not the shadows but the shading or the light effects which is lacking in an image. We can correct such defects in the photo and produce results just like you wanted them to be.

Shadow Enhancement:

Sometimes the image captured has a shadow which is not as prominent as desired by the photographer. Our team has the required expertise to remove or enhance the shadow of a subject in the photograph as required by our clients, while retaining a natural look.

Drop Shadow Effect:

This is a graphic effect which makes it appear that a light source is incident on an object and a shadow is formed behind it. This helps in giving the image depth and a 3D effect to the subject in the photograph. Applying drop shadows require not only editing skills, but good knowledge about product/model contours and light diffraction as well, which the team at O2I is well-capable of.

Reflection Shadow Effect

Reflection shadow is an effect which gives a similar effect such as glasses or mirrors produces. This effect gives the illusion of shadow form lighting and provides a 3D effect to the object, and once again, requires considerable amount of skill.