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Multipath can be classified as follows:

Color separation for Multipath Object for Multipath

Object for Multipath

Vector for Multipath

Clipping path is a graphic word used in the digital image processing industry. It refers to the procedure of drawing a victor path round a particular image by a device known as Photoshop pen. Clipping path entails a procedure of separating objects from their basic layer or background and putting the so detached objects on a totally new background. The new background may either act as an image or substitute the color of an existing image. Multiple Clipping Paths, also referred to across the industry as Color Path, Color Correction Masks or Colour Gradient (or Grading) is a complex form of Clipping Paths. Multiple Clipping Path service is a part of Clipping Hand BD expertise. It is actually the updated form of basic slipping path for images that require separation of particular parts.

At ORCS, we utilise the Multiple Clipping Paths approaches. Colours can be separated from each item within an image, multiple fills completed, or an object’s rotation or size changed. Opacity can be changed and the colour effects or corrections changed in order to give the image a new look. Alternatively, several filters and effects can be used for photo enhancement.