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The process of retouching revolves around the process of enhancing portraits by adjusting the various elements within it. The various methods that are involved in this process are fixing lighting flaws, eliminating unwanted spots and stains on the skin, whitening the teeth, making the complexion fairer in addition to many other features. In the photography that involves the use of flash, red eye is a very common issue.

Before the age of technology, the paintings were done by the help paint, ink, and similar other products. Negatives and photos were linked together to get the editing effect. But gone are those days, as with the modern day software and image editing services, these edits are just a matter of few clicks and adjustments on the tools that are there.

This removal is done very effectively by the image editing services. One of the most important things that make a whole lot of change in any photo is the contrast and the brightness. This is the factor that will be target by any expert. After the basic correction, there are many advanced corrections that can do the finishing touches to any portrait and make it look even better than before.

Some of Our Key Features

  • Adjusting the saturation of the image
  • Balancing the colors and contrast
  • Adjusting the density and brightness
  • Round Clock support (24*7)
  • Applying filters
  • Removing or adding backgrounds
  • Cropping or removing blemishes
  • Removing noise from the images, and much more.