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Are the images of your furniture failing to attract potential customers and drive organic traffic at your online store? Places with virtual furniture gather more customers and make more profits than the ones that do not put furniture on display. If you are into selling property, you must ensure that the pictures carry some appealing furniture photos. OCRS offers a range of furniture photo editing and retouching services to help you make the images clear, attractive and bright that boost sales and profits.

We are capable of unfolding a million ideas that can attract potential customers to your store. Once you provide us with some photographs of your furniture, we would give your buyers a reason to buy them. Using advanced techniques, we can edit and enhance your furniture and fixture pictures and make them look perfect.

We can take the picture of an empty room and make it look furnished with multiple styles of virtual furniture. We have professional designers who can add tables, designer couches, lamps, draperies, TVs, and other furniture items that can make your place look stunning. Our team is adept at:

  • Adding and removing the background
  • Creating a three dimensional look
  • Putting in special photo effects
  • Removing or lightening the shadows
  • Adding contrast flavors to the furniture photos
  • Providing flamboyant touch ups
  • Adjusting the brightness and lights
  • Adjusting the environment
  • Adding pencil sketches on demand
  • Giving vintage or classic finishing
  • Providing high definition resolutions